Stories can change the world. Children can change the world.

Tale2Tail is creating FREE education packs for primary school children.

Our mission is to educate children to end the demand for the illegal wildlife trade and to inspire them with the wonder of the wild world. Once children understand the importance of animal conservation and environmental protection they will be the generation that can ensure the survival of wildlife.

We’ve worked with some amazing creative minds - authors, illustrators and photographers- to put together full educational resources for teachers and these resource packs will be in a variety of languages for teachers to implement all over the world.

This is just the beginning, we aim to continue our mission through further books and educational materials in the future.


One elephant is killed every 15 minutes, with approximately 35,000 killed a year.  The population of the African elephant is currently 352,000.

The time to act is now.

The African elephant will only survive if there is rapid cultural change, which makes it unacceptable to buy and collect ivory worldwide.  Similarly, the Asian elephant population has dwindled to approximately 30,000.  They face extreme habitat loss, and illegal wildlife trade where wild elephants are captured for domestic use.  Currently, nearly 30% of all Asian elephants are  in captivity. Rhinos are also critically endangered, with only 28,000 animals surviving in the wild. Poachers kill rhinos for their horns. Illegal logging and pollution are destroying their habitat. Political conflicts also affect conservation programmes.

Copyright - illustration by Axel Scheffler

Copyright - illustration by Axel Scheffler

Joanna Lumley reading “An Elephant for Breakfast”

Joanna Lumley reading “An Elephant for Breakfast”


Tale2Tail will reduce the demand for ivory by inspiring & empowering children. They have a natural fascination for wildlife, hold the heartstrings and can influence adults. We are focused on educating the next generation in a way that actually engages and inspires them around the issue.

An Elephant for Breakfast

The book that inspired this charity 'An Elephant for Breakfast' is core to this. It an entertaining adventure story with a compelling mystery, which has the power to educate children on the plight of elephants. The story traces the ivory trade back to its roots. The book is also supported by an extensive study pack released to reach children worldwide. It will be split into a sequence of short film instalments read by an influential person with a love of wildlife.