An Elephant for Breakfast

A children’s book for 5-11 year olds


An enchanting and important children’s book

Every year, at the start of the summer holidays, Uncle Cosmo sends his nieces and nephews a gigantic parcel. It comes all the way from Africa to arrive on their doorstep in London. This year it is late, and when it finally arrives it brings with it a great mystery and a terrific adventure. Uncle Cosmo is in danger, and the children must follow the clues to save him. 'Phenomenal...' Rebecca Schillings, author of Lenilotte Loves to Dance. 'It's funny and comical and fills you up like you're eating chocolate.' Ollie, aged 11.

Reviews from readers (probably parents!)

“A brilliant read - This is both an enchanting and an extremely important book for children around Year 5/6 level. It is written in a way that families can relate to and can easily imagine. Also it is so full of life and excitement that it would be enormous fun to read aloud - fun for both the reader and for the children. And all the while it portrays the importance of the serious danger that is threatening elephants in the wild.”

Julia - Amazon review

“Gripping and enjoyable read for kids - This is a lovely book, with a gripping story and an important message for children to think about, about the ivory trade and protecting animals from extinction. My 6 year old really enjoyed this book, at the end of each chapter he would ask for more, and even my younger children enjoyed listening to the story too. We all really enjoyed it”

MM - Amazon review