Animal Ambassadors

A FREE educational resource pack for Teachers


This pack includes everything you need to run a series of one-hour sessions for 5-12 year olds on the illegal wildlife trade.

The pack offers over 20 hours of free lesson plans created with the help of amazing illustrators, photographers and storytellers who care about endangered wildlife. The lessons include tips on photography from the world’s best wildlife photographer David Yarrow; a masterclass for children on how to draw animals from Axel Scheffler, award-winning illustrator of the Gruffalo; and a gripping adventure story from the author Zella where children smash an ivory smuggling ring.

Activities are designed to be fun, to bring this challenging and controversial subject to life in a way that children can really enjoy and understand. Using creativity and the power of storytelling we can inspire them with the wonder of the wild world; nurturing a conservation-conscious generation who will ensure its survival.

do I need to know anything about this topic?

Not at all. All the necessary information and resources are provided.

What are the pack’s objectives?

To inspire, encourage and persuade young people to become ‘animal ambassadors’ to help endangered species threatened by the illegal wildlife trade. It’s a flexible scheme of work with a range of cross-curricular activities that can be used across the school and year groups and for themed days or weeks (eg, world wildlife day, science week).


PLEASE NOTE: These materials have been prepared by Tale2Tail to be used as lesson plans in schools, and may be used for this purpose only.   The underlying copyright in these materials is owned by the creatives.  The packs cannot be sold commercially, reproduced or distributed for any other purpose without our prior consent and by clicking the ‘Download’ button you agree to these terms. If you have any queries, please do contact us at


Films to support this pack

We've created seven original films to support the activities in our Animal Ambassadors pack. Your pupils can learn about endangered animals and develop their artistic skills with the world's best wildlife photographer David Yarrow and Axel Scheffler, award-winning illustrator of The Gruffalo.


Wild Elephants Up Close

What's life like for elephants in the wild? Wildlife photographer David Yarrow shares his insights from photographing this magnificent and endangered species.


The Soul of an Animal

In part 1 of 'How I See Animals', David Yarrow talks about how he sees animals and tries to capture on film the quality that make each animal special.


Getting the Shot

In part 2 of 'How I See Animals', David talks about the qualities of rhinos and orangutans and reveals his thinking behind the photographs Charge and House of Orange.


Tips for Young Photographers

Priceless advice for budding photographers from world renowned wildlife photographer David Yarrow. Perfect for use in school photography clubs or creating in-class workshops.

How I Draw an Elephant

World-famous for his children's picture books, illustrator Axel Scheffler demonstrates his artistic process from initial sketch to finishing touches.

Drawing Unusual Animals

Axel Scheffler uses visual reference as he experiments with ways to draw a less familiar animal such as the pangolin, the world's most trafficked species.

Animal Textures

Watch Axel Scheffler take pencil drawings of a cheetah and a rhino and give them colour, depth and texture as he talks about the challenges each face from the illegal wildlife trade.


Multiple Languages 

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Additional languages coming soon:

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  • CZH-CMN - Mandarin / 普通话