Educate to end demand

Ending the illegal wildlife trade
by inspiring & educating children.


Why is this important? 

©  Copyright - David Yarrow Photography

© Copyright - David Yarrow Photography

An Elephant is killed
every 15 minutes

The African elephant will only survive if there is rapid cultural change, which makes it unacceptable to buy and collect ivory worldwide.


Our work

Tale2Tail is committed to curbing the demand on the ivory trade, through providing educational resources which inspire & empower children to make change themselves.


“Animal Ambassadors” - Teaching Resources

This pack includes everything Teachers need to run a series of one-hour sessions for 5-12 year olds on the illegal wildlife trade.

The resource pack features:

  1. Lesson Activities - ready prepared 3 phase lesson series:

    1. Exploring the issues

    2. Understanding endangered animals

    3. Inspiring change

  2. How to draw animals masterclass with Axel Scheffler - author & illustrator of The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom and many more

  3. Photography tips from the world’s best wildlife photographer, David Yarrow

“An Elephant for Breakfast” - authored and illustrated by Zella

“An Elephant for Breakfast” - authored and illustrated by Zella

An Elephant for breakfast” - Teaching resources

“Every year, at the start of the summer holidays, Uncle Cosmo sends his nieces and nephews a gigantic parcel. It comes all the way from Africa to arrive on their doorstep in London. This year it is late, and when it finally arrives it brings with it a great mystery and a terrific adventure. Uncle Cosmo is in danger, and the children must follow the clues to save him. 'Phenomenal...' Rebecca Schillings, author of Lenilotte Loves to Dance. 'It's funny and comical and fills you up like you're eating chocolate.' Ollie, aged 11.”

Joanna Lumley reading Chapter 1 of 'An Elephant for Breakfast' by Zella.

Celebrities reading “An Elephant for Breakfast

We have a breathtakingly simple idea: we will read children a story, chapter by chapter, read by the leading lights of the arts, film and sporting world. This story, sent via social media, will help raise awareness of the plight of elephants and the devastating effects of the ivory trade. We believe that children can change attitudes regarding the social acceptability of buying ivory. They will halt the demand curve for ivory more swiftly and effectively than adults.

Joanna Lumley, Dan Smith and more join us to guide us through An Elephant for Breakfast.


Our Friends

We have teamed up with a number of individuals, charities and organisations to collectively combat the illegal ivory trade and thus save endangered species from extinction.

AVIVA -    link

AVIVA - link

Alex Scheffler -  link

Alex Scheffler - link

Charities Trust -    link

Charities Trust - link

David Yarrow Photography -    link

David Yarrow Photography - link

Elephant Family -    link

Elephant Family - link

Google -    link

Google - link

Space for Giants -    link

Space for Giants - link

Tusk -    link

Tusk - link

United for Wildlife -    link

United for Wildlife - link

Voytek Video Productions    - link

Voytek Video Productions - link

WTTC -    link

WTTC - link


Our Team

Based in London but operating globally, Tale2Tail is made a reality by the amazing team we have onboard.


Kate Studholme

Founder & CEO


Laetitia Heyl

Director of Media Affairs


Loraine von Moltke



Eftichea Koumartzaki


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Sarah Logan



Adam Southall



Janan Akkad



Richard Lowe



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Get Involved

There’s a bunch of ways to get involved with our work. From utilising the free resources in your classroom, at home with your own children, to spreading the word on Social Media or Donating to the charity directly. Really, we’d be delighted for you to get involved.

Educational Resource Packs

Our educational packs are designed for Teachers to implement with minimal effort.

Volunteer opportunities

We have volunteer opportunities at certain times, so please do get in touch if our mission is something you’d like to volunteer time to!

MakING a Donation

Whether a small or large amount, your donation will make a difference to our continuing work.

We thank you in advance.

Fundraising & Sharing

Help with getting the word out there is vital to our mission. Copy & paste a page, share on social media or mention us to your friends.

There’s a multitude of ways you can help the Tale2Tail mission. If you’ve got an idea of how you could help, do get in touch and let us know.

We’re really looking forward to speaking with you.